Hosting company is specialized in creative, business and development consulting as well as technical engineering in designing, planning and managing of tourism projects. At the same time it is also an investor or head of the investment consortiums for investing in investment projects in the leisure industry.


AAT Geothermae - innovative geothermal energy plant and Hortus Croatiae - The Garden of Croatia

Hosting group of companies, after past role of developer, now cooperates to international investors; West & East Investments AG and CloZEd Loop Energy AG and its daughter company AAT Geothermae d.o.o., as project coordinator and consultant for SEE region in development of extremely innovative renewable energy and health-tourism investment project on location in Draškovec in Medjimurje County in Croatia. At the location of project a high quality rich geo-thermal wells for production of electrical and thermal energy from the renewable source and exceptional healing characteristics and mineral water source, are available. Project is planned to be realized by individual investors in a separate profitable phases and separated SPV companies such as; A) Innovative geothermal power plant of new generation with installed power of 18,6 MWe + 80 MWth, B) Health, wellness and water park, medical polyclinic, accommodation facilities and serviced villas & apartments village, 9 + 18 holes golf course and C) Mineral drinking water bottling plant,...

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Thermae Hortus Croatiae - The Garden of Croatia (HR)

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Purchase of the Bellevue site project in Ljubljana (SLO)

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Business Zone Surčin (SRB)

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"Trebinje Resort" (BiH)


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