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Business Zone Surčin


Implementation date
september 2007

Belgrade, Serbia


Name and surname
Peter Vesenjak

I. Stage 

Location analysis and program and spatial intended use of location were made. Land has been classified into changes and additions of the general spatial plan for the city of Belgrade as the area intended for construction of business and commercial facilities. In the national plan of Republic of Serbia the location is intended also for construction of large service stations and highway rest areas. Urban planning conditions for implementation of access and exit points to the highway and Project location have been published.

In the immediate vicinity of the center of Belgrade (15 km) and only 4 km from the international airport Surćin by the highway by SW Belgrade bypass Hosting Investment d.o.o., which is part of the Hosting group of companies, bought and owns land in the size of 281,340 m2 (140,670 m2 on each side of the highway). Land has a strategic position as it is situated on Southtwestern Belgrade bypass and is placed in the urban plan of the city of Belgrade as commercial zone that will be officially confirmed in the beginning of year 2008. Planned and allowed is also the highway connection on both sides of the commercial zone, which will become the most important connecting route from West and Central Europe towards the South-East onto the Balkans and towards the city of Belgrade, which has around 2.5 to 3 million inhabitants. Commercial zone will be the largest so far and will substantially contribute to development of commercial acivity and valorization of location of the city of Belgrade in international trading and transit flows in the future.

Due to the magnitude and significance of the project we in the group of companies Hosting have approached the planning and concept of the project with all our dedication, know-how, and professional attitude, as the project will include large financial and strategic investors as well as public institutions, partners and other publics. Besides the hotel and water park with relaxation programs (30,000 m2) the commercial zone will thus include also large and modern shopping centers (110,000 m2), logistic and distribution centers (130,000 m2), as well as two gas stations with highway rest areas (2X15, 000 m2), which will round off the complete offer for the citizens of Belgrade, tourists and businesss guests, visitors and increasing number of transit

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