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AAT Geothermae - innovative geothermal energy plant and Hortus Croatiae - The Garden of Croatia


Implementation date

Draškovec-Prelog, Croatia


Name Surname
Peter Vesenjak


The project »Hortus Croatiae – The Garden of Croatia« in property of company Aqua Aera Terra d.o.o./LLC (=AAT), registered in Draškovec in Medjimurje Region, involves development of HOLISTIC WELLNESS & MEDICAL SPA RESORT with following specific planned activities/phases within the project: A. Water & Health park for daily visitors, B. Villas and Apartments residential village development surrounded by Golf Course (to be built sold on real estate market and taken back to management of the company AAT) C. Spa & Conference accommodation facilities and specialized Medical Polyclinic, D. Additional attraction and production of Tropical Gardens and/or Greenhouses for growing vegetables, fruit, spices etc. E. Drinking and Mineral Water Bottling Plant from own drinking water source on the site. The whole Hortus Croatiae complex is envisioned as an organically structured spa park village in an exceptionally attractive green horticultural environment with natural water and thermal water pools surfaces, resonating natural warmth, cosy atmosphere, hospitality, tradition and natural environment at a 4+* quality level with extremely economically and financially efficient energy and water production elements. The crucial advantage of the project is that it is supported by secured and guaranteed delivery of thermal water for healing and recreational purposes and thermal energy supply by the neighboring site »new generation hybrid geothermal energy power plant« (AAT Geothermae d.o.o. company) based on own sustainable geothermal source with combined production of electricity (18,6 MWe) and heat (80 MWth). This project was awarded in 2014 with award in NER300 program by European Commission as one of the most innovative renewable energy projects in Europe. The healing water for medical, recreational and cosmetic purposes is supplied to »The garden of Croatia« project free of any charge and the thermal energy is supplied and guaranteed in the first (A.) phase of development free and for further phases of the project at symbolic pure delivery cost (by which the project Hortus Croatiae in operation, when completely developed, saves 1,5 to 2,0 mil € energy cost a year). Project Hortus Croatiae has as well priority in obtaining the EU regional development fund (ERDF) direct grants for Croatia and a special investment promotion subsidies from the state of Croatia. All these make the project in each of the phases profitable and cost effective for investor(s) and operator(s). Interested investors can acquire more information on the “Hortus Croatiae – The Garden of Croatia” investment opportunity from the attached detailed presentation, on the “AAT Geothermae” innovative geothermal energy plant project at the web page link or by contacting the developer(s).



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AAT Geothermae - inovativna geotermalna elektrarna in Hortus Croatiae - The Garden of Croatia
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