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Legal statement


Copyright »Since 1997 © Hosting, d.o.o.«. All rights reserved.

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Project leader and person in charge

Matej Ovčar,

Welcome to Hosting Group web site. Web site was created with the purpose of introducing our services and creative solutions that we professionally and correctly perform for our clients, partners, and other involved in the leisure industry. As our main communication goal we have set connections and recognizability among us, our clients ad partners, who follow the same motive – the motive of success, concrete solutions and joint co-creation of tourism. We can describe this in the nicest and simplest way using our slogan, which runs like this: »Tourism. We make it happen.«
As the visitor of our website, we kindly invite you to take a good look at our web site and read the instructions of the web site as well as consider the conditions bellow, as the use of a web site is regulated by general rules as well as certain regulatory provisions that are in force in the Republic of Slovenia.

Legal notice

Contents published on web sites and other domains are the property of Hosting d.o.o. Group and can only be used for non-commercial purposes, where all marked copyright warnings have to be preserved and cannot be copied, duplicated or distributed in any other way.

All services, graphic material, contents are intended for your personal and non-commercial use. Information, graphic material, services that you acquire from these web sites cannot be changed, copied, distributed, presented, performed, reproduced, published, transferred, sold or to create derived work out of them.

Trademarks represented on this web site on behalf of Hosting group are protected trademarks at the Intellectual Property Office. This includes also all accompanying elements (logos, corporate logos, slogans, typography) and other graphic signs. Use of brands and belonging elements is allowed only with a previous permit from the web site owner. The only exceptions are logos in the “For media” rubric, which are intended for commercial purposes use.

Data protection

Web site was made and set in Slovenia, so it is subject to Slovenian legislation. The owner of the web site is subject to permanent protection of all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (OG RS No. 86/2004).

All information provided through electronic mail, employment form and other sources are treated as strictly confidential. Obtained data are used for our own purposes only and are not forwarded to third persons, unless this is required by the law or in case of investigation or protection against damaging activities.
Every time you enter this site your IP computer address is recorded on the server of web site and other domains. IP addresses are used for eliminating the mistakes and are not linked to personal identities. All users remain anonymous.

Acknowledgement and complaints

We thank you for visiting the web site of Hosting group and at the same time invite you to visit, contact or turn to us with your wishes for successful cooperation and co-creation of tourism in the international environment.

For all your questions and eventual complaints we kindly ask you to contact the contact person stated bellow, which will always be prepared to help you and find the best solution possible.
T: 00386 (0)1 234 9743