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8. Studeni 2008

Grand opening of Hotel Mitra in Ptuj

Photo 1: Cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of Hotel Mitra in Ptuj



The grand opening of the renovated and enlarged Hotel Mitra in Ptuj took place on November 14th 2008. It was attended by business partners and honorary guests from the realm of tourism, journalists and other guests from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Great Britain and Switzerland. The official speech was given by Peter Vesenjak, the owner and director of Hosting company, who, at such an important historic occasion said: “Hotel Mitra is an example of an evaluated approach towards the planning and executing the hotel investment project, which was thoroughly developed and managed by the knowledge and experience of Hosting company. It presents a positive example for all the partners, who order consulting and engineering services at Hosting Group as well. In addition, Hotel Mitra is the first representative of the standards in smaller hotels under the trademark of Story Hotels®, which was developed and launched by Hosting. This is, after all, an investment of adequate profitability in the treasury of millennia – the city of Ptuj, which has a great potential of becoming a successful and well organised tourist destination in the future.”

The ribbon was cut by Marjan Hribar, manager of the tourism directorate, Štefan Čelan, the mayor of Ptuj and Peter Vesenjak, the owner and director of Hosting company.

The renovated and enlarged Hotel Mitra, situated at the narrowest part of the old city centre in Ptuj, received 60 high quality hotel beds in 29 thematically organised rooms and suites, 7 more than prior to the renovation with considerably higher quality. The entire hotel, its location, the external appearance after the renovation, and especially the interior design of each specific space, tell a glorious story of the two thousand year old history and tradition of Ptuj. The shared places and the hotel rooms are designed in five different styles, symbolising important periods in the history of Ptuj.

Hosting Consulting Ltd. managed the entire engineering of the renovation and expansion of Hotel Mitra and it designed, especially for the grand opening of Hotel Mitra, a printed and an electronic version of the invitation for the guests of the opening as well as for the journalists.




Photo 2: The owner and the investor giving a speech at the opening of the renovated and enlarged Hotel Mitra

Photo 3: Representatives of Hotel Mitra at the press conference

Photo 4: Guest speaker Marjan Hribar, manager of the tourism directorate of Slovenia


Photo 5: Guest speaker Štefan Čelan, the mayor of Ptuj

Photo 6: Participants’ banquet


Photo 7: Invited guests

Photo 8: Invited guests


Photo 9: Jernej Forbicij, an artist, who decorated Hotel Mitra with his works of art

Photo 10: Martina Vesenjak and Bojan Rizman, the director of engineering the hotel’s renovation