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Story Hotels


Hosting trademark for the development and management of a chain of distinctive small hotels

Story Hotels project

The Hosting Group established the “Story Hotels” project in 2005 and in 2007 completed the elaboration of special standards for the facilities and furnishings, services, and management of the smaller hotels in the Story Hotels chain. These standards have been derived from trends in the international market and modeled on the more individual and distinctive expirience and hotels with highly professional services and comfort for guests. The slogan of the chain, “Always your home,” reflects our vision of creating a “home away from home” for guests wherever our Story Hotels are located.


First in the line of Story Hotels

In 2006, the Hosting Group became the owner of the Hotel Mitra in Ptuj’s old city center and thus began to actively and concretely realize its own development project of establishing a chain of distinctive small hotels. In 2008, after renovations and the reorganization of operations, the Hotel Mitra is becoming the first to introduce the high standards and new trademark of “hotels with a story,” Story Hotels.

Our goal

The Hosting Group has set itself the goal:
  • in fifteen years at least fifty 3-star+ to 5-star hotels will be operating under the Story Hotels banner and under the special standards of the Story Hotels chain - in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and other countries of central and eastern Europe.
They will operate under a franchise arrangement administered and granted by the Story Hotels Management company, an affiliate of the Hosting Group that will be established when there are between three and five hotels in the chain. On one hand, together with financial partners this company will offer favourable financial instruments to finance the construction of new facilities or the upgrading of existing facilities in accordance with the standards of the Story Hotels chain, and on the other it will provide the professional knowledge and standards for the successful operation and marketing in the increasingly demanding international tourist market (until the establishment of the Story Hotels Management company, Hosting Svetovanje d.o.o. will undertake these tasks).

Logotip Story Hotels, Vedno vaš dom

Investment offer (PDF, 318 KB)

The Story Hotels Management unit of the Hosting Group offers the owners of buildings (including municipalities and other bodies in the public sector that wish to develop a high quality accommodation offer in their areas), investors, the owners of existing hotel facilities who wish to upgrade or improve their operations, and the owners of buildings it is possible to convert into smaller hotels the different forms of business cooperation.

Logotip "Story Hotels"

Being a member of the Story Hotels chain means being recognized as such and providing high quality and hospitable services for hotel guests.

The goal of members is:

  • Excellence and the commercial success of a business philosophy that all of us involved in the project consider most important: that our guests always feel as welcome with us as they feel at home.
Therefore the slogan of the chain: "Story Hotels – Always your home."